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    Q. What is the best way for me as a dentist to build a strong relationship with our Sleep M.D.?

    A. There are several ways to develop a relationship with the local sleep physicians. The first one is to reach out to them (the NSA can help with this) and plan to meet or connect via phone. You should be prepared and comfortable having a discussion about oral appliances, your approach to patient care and a commitment to work together with the Sleep MD to provide coordinated care services for their patients. If needed, a quick review of forms will lend to good conversation and also ensure that the MD is receiving all of the information that they need to work with the patient. RW


    Q. What does the Sleep Medicine MD do during an initial consultation?

    A. The Sleep MD will do a physical assessment including upper airway exam, review co-morbidities, review of signs and symptoms relevant to sleep disorders including such things as restless legs, excessive daytime sleepiness etc. Patients will likely complete a form or questionnaire about their sleep, the Sleep MD will review it with them. If the likelihood of OSA is high, depending on their insurance coverage, either an in lab all or split night study will be ordered or a home sleep apnea diagnostic test. RW

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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