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SMARTcare Certification Level II Advanced.

SMARTcare Certification Level II Advanced

Building Confidence for Best Outcomes

The Level II Advanced workshop will provide you with a more in-depth understanding of sleep-disordered breathing (SBD) treatment, while understanding how you can confidently guide patient decision making for the best outcomes. During interactive sessions, you will learn how to streamline both diagnostic and theragnostic testing program in your practice, including sleep study interpretations and communications with sleep physicians. Building on your previous experience with simple cases, you will learn how to select and successfully treat intermediate cases with sleep appliances, including those patients with controlled TMD and comorbidities. After attending this course, you will be able to offer treatment to more patients and build trust with local sleep physicians.

Course Outline

  • Hands-on Workshop: Oral Appliances – Digital sleep bite, Deliver and adjust OA’s
  • Hands-on Workshop: TMD – Management and Bite Technique
  • Hands-on Workshop: HST – Administer and experience, evaluate raw data
  • Hands-on Workshop: Technology Integration and Digital Workflow – CBCT, Digital Scanners and MATRx Plus
  • Pediatric OSA – Screening, diagnosis and treatment options
  • Marketing – Patients, physicians and general public
  • Insurance and Medical Billing Advanced – Insurance and Medical Billing Advanced
  • Complex Case Treatment Planning, Case Selection and Critical Thinking – Based on clinically validated and scientifically proven protocols

You will learn how to:

  • Deliver and adjust an oral appliance (hands-on workshop)
  • Use a CBCT, digital scanner, HST and MATRx Plus (hands-on workshop)
  • Perform a digital bite registration on a TMD patients (hands-on workshop)
  • Identify sleep-disordered breathing in children
  • Critically evaluate the diagnostic report from a sleep study and understand factors that may affect outcomes of a sleep appliance
  • Expand your knowledge on sleep appliance variability and those that support a fully digital workflow
  • Streamline your screening program for optimal efficiency
  • Anticipate and manage oral appliance side-effects that could compromise treatment
  • Identify the more complex cases for treatment and confidently manage therapy
  • Communicate confidently to sleep physicians and expand your referral network
  • Leverage medical insurance coding and billing requirements, including Medicare
  • Device selection for OAT (Oral Appliance Therapy)
  • Utilize adjunctive therapies to improve treatment outcome

Who should attend?

Dentists and their teams who are eager to expand their knowledge and skills in treating a broader range of more complex patients with oral appliance therapy.

Course cost: $1,995 for doctors; $395 for staff

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