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SMARTcare Certification Level I.

SMARTcare Certification Level I

Why SMARTcare?

SMARTcare protocol combines years of research with cutting edge digital technologies to make dental sleep medicine easy to implement with predictable and profitable results. Using this protocol, dental practices will create a modern, tech-savvy sleep medicine clinic that builds value in their community, excitement within their team and unique differentiation in an extremely competitive market. Now any dentist will succeed in sleep!

Course Outline

  • Day-to-Day Integration and Clinical Workflows – Step by Step SMARTcare Protocol for efficiency
  • Increase Case Acceptance – Communication, presentation and theragnostics
  • Technology Integration and Digital Workflow – Simplify and streamline records and communication
  • Increase Productivity and ROI – By increasing case acceptance and decreasing chairtime
  • Treatment Planning, Case Selection and Critical Thinking – Based on clinically validated and scientifically proven protocols
  • Appliance Selection – In-depth sessions on OA’s
  • Side Effect Management and Adjunctive Therapies – Side Effect Management and adjunctive therapies
  • Communication and Organization – With patients, physicians and referring dentists
  • Telemedicine, Sleep Testing and Theragnostic – PSG, HST, O2 monitoring and MATRx Plus
  • Insurance and Medical Billing – Insurance and Medical Billing

You will learn how to:

  • Apply sleep and airway management with your dental practice and confidently discuss treatment options with your patients
  • Address the growing health problem and how to identify patients at risk for sleep apnea
  • Integrate the SMARTcare Sleep protocol into your practice’s daily routine
  • Establish and effective sleep apnea screening protocol
  • Maximize sleep theragnostics and how to confidently discuss patient results with patients
  • Perform a comprehensive dental exam, as it relates to treatment with a sleep appliancet
  • Identify patients who can be easily treated and those who require a sleep physician referral
  • Select and order your go to sleep appliances for simple case using a fully digital workflow
  • Advantages and improvements to oral appliances (temporary, analog and digital)
  • Perform a digital bite registration during a hands-on workshop
  • Why digital technologies can differentiate your practice
  • Establish an efficient treatment protocol from consultation to follow up care
  • Leverage medical insurance coding and billing requirements
  • Device selection for OAT (Oral Appliance Therapy)
  • How to manage side-effects
  • Utilize adjunctive therapies to improve treatment outcome

Who should attend?

Dentists and their teams who are eager to learn the basic knowledge and skills in treating patients with oral appliance therapy.

Course cost: $1,995 for doctors; $395 for staff

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