2022 Course Dates Coming Soon

Cone Beam / Implant Integration.

Educational Highlights:
This course is designed to give the attending doctor an overview of how cone beam technology is transforming implant dentistry.  It includes planning, implant guides and hands on site preparation using a guide.

Cone Beam Basics
  • Cone Beam Operation /Radiation Exposure
  • Reading and navigating 3D scans
  • 3D Everyday/Every Patient
Cone Beam Implant Training
  • Implant software functionality and guided surgery workflow
  • Measuring and implant planning
  • Safety and accuracy of guides
  • Cone Beam/Cad-Cam Integration
Hand on Implant Placement
  • Hands on implant drilling/ placement on models
  • Review of implant guided surgery
  • Types of guides and clinical indications
What Can You Expect?
  • 7 units of Continuing Education
  • Individual computers and models for each attending doctor along with interactive technology for a unique customized learning experience
  • How to integrate 3D cone beam into your practice
  • Implant model drilling and placement
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Time for personalized questions and answers
  • Course cost $395.00