Upcoming Courses: March 23-25, 2018 in San Francisco, CA

Sleep Dentistry Done Right.

Is sleep apnea screening and treatment a good fit for your dental practice? If you are frustrated by what you are hearing about this rapidly growing area in our profession, the National Sleep Alliance has courses for dentists and staff that are comprehensive yet easy to understand and come with the support you need to successfully implement Sleep Dentistry and Medical Billing into your practice.

“Great Course! I wish I knew about medical billing years ago. I really like the MD protocol. Thank you.” – Dr. P, Oregon

“I learned more than I wanted. It may save my life so that I may save many others.” – Dr. R, California

“The course exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this game changing presentation.” Dr. K, Kansas

Educational Highlights: We offer 4 different courses. The highlights are listed below. See Course tab for details.



Level 1: Treating Sleep Apnea and Medical Billing – A Team Approach for Dentists and Staff (2-1/2 day class)
Day One

  • What is OSA and related conditions and why should we care?
  • Data on prevalence, trends and health implications
  • The anatomy and physiology of OSA
  • The medical implications of poor sleep
  • Review of terminology of Sleep Medicine
  • Sleep Hygiene, Screening and Diagnosis and Sleep Testing
  • Treatment options and the role of dentists
  • Introduction to Medical Billing

Day Two

  • Oral Sleep Appliances
  • Patient management
  • Sleep Treatment protocols
  • Medical Billing
  • Implementation

Day Three (half-day)

  • Decision making
  • Starting Medical Billing
  • Summary / Getting started


Level 2: Advanced Training in Treating Difficult Sleep Apnea Patients (1-1/2 day class) Prerequisite: Must have completed Level 1
Day One

  • Recent developments in Sleep Medicine
  • Management of medically-complicated patients
  • Medical complications related to sleep
  • Review of Sleep Testing
  • Patient communications
  • Case reviews

Day Two (half-day)

  • Oral Sleep Appliances for difficult patients
  • Patient management
  • Managing Edentulous patients
  • Managing dental complications
  • Screening dental patients with Cone beam scans
  • Updates on Medical Billing
  • Case reviews

Staff 1: Training in Sleep Dentistry for Office Staff Including Front Office, Assistants and Hygienists (1 day class) This class is designed for staff working in practices already practicing Sleep Dentistry.
Running A Dental Sleep Practice

  • The anatomy of Sleep Apnea
  • The medical implications of OSA
  • Screening patients
  • Patient communications
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • Medical referrals
  • Sleep Practice protocols
  • Patient presentation and case acceptance
  • Dental Sleep Appliances – selection to delivery
  • Benefits of having a Sleep Coordinator
  • Review of Medical Billing
  • Review of our website educational videos
  • How to get help from us

Intro to Sleep Dentistry and Medical Billing (2-hour class)
The Sleep Apnea Epidemic

  • The anatomy of Sleep Apnea
  • The medical implications of OSA
  • Screening patients

Why It Takes an Alliance

  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Sleep Testing
  • Treatment options
  • Dental Sleep Appliances
  • Sleep Practice protocols

Integrating Medical Billing into Your Practice Routine

  • Practice Assimilation: Why Medical Billing is a must for all offices
  • Increasing diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Why now and does it really work?
  • Patient presentation and case acceptance

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March 23-25, 2018             San Francisco, CA (Belmont)
May 18-20, 2018                 Chicago, IL
June 1-3, 2018                     Washington D.C.
July 27-29, 2018                  Seattle, WA
August 10-12, 2018            San Francisco, CA
October 19-21, 2018          Boston, MA
Nov 30-Dec 2, 2018            Nashville, TN

Hotel accommodations information can be found under the Locations tab above.

What Can You Expect?

  • Individually customized classes for each attending doctor and staff along with interactive technology for a unique customized learning experience
  • How to integrate Sleep Dentistry and Medical Billing into your practice
  • Continuing Education units
  • Time for personalized questions and answers

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