Upcoming Courses: August 11-13, 2017 in Belmont, CA

Come and join us for a great educational experience.

The National Sleep Alliance offers doctor and staff training in all aspects of Sleep Medicine and Dentistry. Working with and understanding Sleep Medicine/Dentistry is valuable for all practitioners.


Educational Highlights: We offer 4 different courses. The highlights are listed below. See Course tab for details.



Level 1: Treating Sleep Apnea and Medical Billing – A Team Approach for Dentists and Staff (2-1/2 day class)
Day One

  • What is OSA and related conditions and why should we care?
  • Data on prevalence, trends and health implications
  • The anatomy and physiology of OSA
  • The medical implications of poor sleep
  • Review of terminology of Sleep Medicine
  • Sleep Hygiene, Screening and Diagnosis and Sleep Testing
  • Treatment options and the role of dentists
  • Introduction to Medical Billing

Day Two

  • Oral Sleep Appliances
  • Patient management
  • Sleep Treatment protocols
  • Medical Billing
  • Implementation

Day Three (half-day)

  • Decision making
  • Starting Medical Billing
  • Summary / Getting started


Level 2: Advanced Training in Treating Difficult Sleep Apnea Patients (1-1/2 day class) Prerequisite: Must have completed Level 1
Day One

  • Recent developments in Sleep Medicine
  • Management of medically-complicated patients
  • Medical complications related to sleep
  • Review of Sleep Testing
  • Patient communications
  • Case reviews

Day Two (half-day)

  • Oral Sleep Appliances for difficult patients
  • Patient management
  • Managing Edentulous patients
  • Managing dental complications
  • Screening dental patients with Cone beam scans
  • Updates on Medical Billing
  • Case reviews


Staff 1: Training in Sleep Dentistry for Office Staff Including Front Office, Assistants and Hygienists (1 day class) This class is designed for staff working in practices already practicing Sleep Dentistry.
Running A Dental Sleep Practice

  • The anatomy of Sleep Apnea
  • The medical implications of OSA
  • Screening patients
  • Patient communications
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • Medical referrals
  • Sleep Practice protocols
  • Patient presentation and case acceptance
  • Dental Sleep Appliances – selection to delivery
  • Benefits of having a Sleep Coordinator
  • Review of Medical Billing
  • Review of our website educational videos
  • How to get help from us


Intro to Sleep Dentistry and Medical Billing (2-hour class)
The Sleep Apnea Epidemic

  • The anatomy of Sleep Apnea
  • The medical implications of OSA
  • Screening patients

Why It Takes an Alliance

  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Sleep Testing
  • Treatment options
  • Dental Sleep Appliances
  • Sleep Practice protocols

Integrating Medical Billing into Your Practice Routine

  • Practice Assimilation: Why Medical Billing is a must for all offices
  • Increasing diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Why now and does it really work?
  • Patient presentation and case acceptance



August 11-13, 2017            Belmont, CA
November 10-12, 2017     Belmont, CA
January 26-28, 2018           Belmont, CA
March 23-26, 2018             Belmont, CA


What Can You Expect?

  • Individually customized classes for each attending doctor and staff along with interactive technology for a unique customized learning experience
  • How to integrate Sleep Dentistry and Medical Billing into your practice
  • Continuing Education units
  • Time for personalized questions and answers

National Sleep Alliance


“Great Course! I wish I knew about medical billing years ago. I really like the MD protocol. Thank you.” – Dr. P, California
“I learned more than I wanted. It may save my life so that I may save many others.” – Dr. R, California